Occupy LA Studio For English to Spanish Translation Dubbing

  • Dubbing Script Translation
  • Spanish Dubbing Voice Talent Casting
  • Language Director
  • Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)
  • Spanish Audio Production For Video Translation


The English to other language translation audio shows where a project can be broken up for various project collaboration. Most clients give their original English video content and would like a finalized video translation in the target language. Others would like to perform some parts of the steps in house depending on their multimedia needs and capability of production house. If the new translation audio is being mixed at your own audio production facility the final audio submission would not include out takes.


Leading Spanish dubbing studios in America provide Spanish voice over with experienced native voice talent, Spanish subtitling, and Spanish translation of audio/video multimedia. For clients that would like to listen in during the live recording can ask for a phone patch in. The language director will have a good grasp of English to discuss any product names or industry jargon that might need clarification.

Spanish Dubbing, Lip Synch And Language Services – JBI Studios.