Subtitling: Translating Feature Films into Latin American Spanish

Subtitling poses many creative challenges, such as how to deal with style, register, idiolect, and character treatment while adhering to the timing requirements of subtitled feature film. The presenter will explore the translation procedures and strategies most commonly used to provide natural subtitles that do not interfere with the representation on screen. Participants will have access to handouts, scripts, and dialogue and analyze the subtitles of many scenes from different movies.


“User-Friendly” Translation: English>Spanish Translation in a High-Tech World

Business owners and marketing experts recognize the need to create user-friendly sites in Spanish that are localized for U.S. Latinos and other Spanish-speaking consumers. The demand for English>Spanish translation and localization of web content is growing constantly as the Latino population’s buying power increases each year. The presenter will reference topics found in Joe Kutchera’s recent book, Latino Link: Building Brands Online with Hispanic Communities and Content, as well as other literature, to address the demand for more professional translation in this niche market and how freelancers can benefit from a rapidly-changing cyber world.


ATA Annual Conference

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